14 October 2022, by Victoria Séveno

Two Just Stop Oil protestors attempted to deface a version of the famous Sunflowers painting by Vincent van Gogh on Friday, October 14, by throwing tins of tomato soup on it.

Climate activists attempt to deface painting of famous Dutch artist

The painting is one of five versions currently on display at the National Gallery in London. Video footage shows two protesters wearing Just Stop Oil T-shirts throw cans of tomato soup on the painting before glueing their hands to the wall. Luckily, the museum has confirmed that the painting was protected behind a layer of glass and so remains undamaged.

Both activists have been arrested by the police. It marks the second time this year that members of this political group – which is lobbying for the British government to stop issuing new licences for fossil fuels – have used one of Van Gogh’s works to make a statement. Over the summer, protesters glued themselves to his painting Peach Tree in Blossom.

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