After nine rounds of negotiations for a new collective labor agreement for Healthcare Transport and taxi, the trade unions FNV and CNV are pulling the plug on the negotiations. According to Meindert Gorter, director of FNV Zorgvervoer and taxi, actions seem unavoidable.

“The collective labor agreement negotiations with the employers’ organization KNV are always difficult, but now it is really dramatic”, says Gorter. “Of the eighteen points that we have put on the table on behalf of our members, KNV only wants to talk about one thing. Absurd.”

According to FNV, the employer does not want to talk about the wrongful withholding of wages for breaks that the drivers were unable to take. “An important point for the drivers, because it feels so unfair,” said Gorter. According to the union, the employers only want to talk about a wage increase of 6 percent so far. Gorter thinks that is too crazy for words. “Employers call it a historic offer, but what world do you live in if you offer so little in these troubled times?”

Wage increase The unions demand a collective labor agreement with a duration of one year with a wage increase of 11, 5% as of January 1 2024. According to them, however, the employers do not want to go beyond a two-year term with an 8 percent salary increase as of January 1 2023 and 4 percent as of January 1 2024. In the negotiations on continued payment in the event of illness, the parties do not come closer together . According to FNV, the employer will continue to pay a maximum of 80 percent of the wages for the first two weeks. However, the unions want 80 percent payment from the first day. Old scheme In addition, according to the unions, the employers want to return to an old scheme, whereby the drivers are not paid for the hours on the day that there is no work. “Instead of structural improvements, the employer comes up with structural deteriorations, while the sector is desperate for drivers. The loyalty of the drivers is high. They are very much involved with the vulnerable group of residents they transport every day, but with this offer the employer leaves them both out in the cold,” said Gorter.

Ultimatum FNV and CNV will consult their members in the next two weeks. Meindert Gorter expects members to prepare for an ultimatum. “I hope it won’t come to that and that the petition we’ll be offering on 11 October the employer on other thoughts.”

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