MRC has decided to stop. Photo: MRC

Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC) announced yesterday that it would stop permanently, due to economic circumstances. The Rotterdam transport company will stop all work from next month. In a number of municipalities, large gaps have suddenly arisen due to the disappearance of MRC. This is also the case in the municipality of Dordrecht, where MRC, under the banner of mobility platform Stroomlijn, provides part of the student transport. The municipality is busy arranging a new carrier.

“A few days ago it was announced that one of the three carriers contracted with Stroomlijn will soon stop with student and youth transport in our region,” the municipality of Dordrecht said. “They provide about 30 percent of the rides.” In total 30 children use the student and youth transport in the Zuid-Holland-Zuid region.

Carpool According to the municipality of Dordrecht, the disappearance of MRC may just mean that some of the rides will be cancelled. The municipality has already informed the parents of the students about this. “We ask for their help in thinking about possible temporary solutions, such as carpooling with each other,” a spokesperson said. “We find that worrying. These are children for whom regularity, structure and going to school are important. Everything is done to ensure that the children can continue to use the transport.”

Mobility platform Stroomlijn, which is responsible for student transport in Dordrecht and where MRC is under contract, was shocked by Maasstad’s decision. “We have never experienced this before”, says Rob Oosterbaan of Stroomlijn. “The news naturally caused a shock reaction. We really enjoy working with our transport partners. If one of them has to return the contract, we deeply regret it. With Maasstad we lose a pleasant partner. We are very sorry that they are discontinuing it.”

Ongoing conversations The municipality of Dordrecht is now in talks with another carrier, which is to take over the activities of Maasstad Regie Centrale. “We are positive about that. We hope to have clarity on that next week. Maasstad has also indicated not to stop as of November 1, but to ensure a warm transfer to the new carrier,” said the spokesperson.

Stroomlijn endorses this lecture. “When you are confronted with a situation like this, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the children who simply have to go to school. After that, solutions must be sought immediately. Fortunately, cooperative discussions have now started, with the aim of continuing youth transport. Those conversations are going in a positive way, but nothing is certain yet. We hope for a good outcome”, concludes Oosterbaan.

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