Have you ever noticed that there are different letters on pavement tiles in The Hague? They are there for a reason, of course, but what do they actually mean?

The letters indicate different things. A well-known tile is one with the letter P on it, meaning there is a parking space there. Curious about what other letters mean? You can check that below.

H, K and ET

If you see a tile with the letter H on it in The Hague, you know from now on that ‘H’ is the designation for a collection point for containers of household waste. The ‘H’ for ‘garbage’.

If you see a letter ‘K’, it means that cables run underneath. These cables are usually used for traffic control installations where the detection loops are located.

The letter combination ‘ET’ stands for Own Terrain. The sidewalk then runs over private property and therefore does not belong to the municipality.

Indication of the sewerage system

Another form of lettering on paving stones are the letters ‘PE’. These in turn stand for pressure sewerage, also known as a PE pressure pipe. These letters allow the responsible company to quickly locate where the pipe runs underground.

Should you see such a paving stone, then you now know what it is for. Real tile wisdom!

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