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Today, the Southwest Partner Council was formally appointed and installed by the Municipal Executive of The Hague. The Partner Council is independent and consists of thirteen involved residents and professionals with a broad network in the neighbourhoods. Solicited and unsolicited, they provide advice to the city council on major issues in Southwest such as housing, living environment, work, safety and participation. In this way, residents are heard and their input counts in important decisions about their neighbourhood. The festive installation of the Partner Council took place during a meeting about Zuidwest in the new school building De Meppel of ROC Mondriaan.

Rachid el Menhali, Chairman of the Partner Council, says that the coming 03 a lot will change in The Hague Southwest this year.

“When making and implementing the plans, the voice and input of residents of Zuidwest is extremely important, it is of course about them! They are the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood, they know exactly what is going on. With the Partner Council, residents now have a more formal place at the table.” Also Martijn Balster, Alderman for Housing , Welfare and Zuidwest, considers the involvement and input of residents essential.

“To tackle the challenges in Southwest, we need everyone. The business community, social organisations, school boards and general practitioners. But especially the residents. It is incredibly important that they have a say in what is going to happen in their neighbourhood, and that we as the city council listen to them. Talking to each other and staying, that’s where it starts. And we’re only going to do that more. That is why I am extremely pleased with the official appointment of the Partner Council as an independent advisory council for Southwest.” Compelling adviceThe Southwest Partner Council consists of thirteen involved residents and professionals. Together they have a broad network and diverse supporters in the four districts of Zuidwest. The daily board consists of Rachid el Menhali (chairman), Najat Lachhab (deputy chairman) and Edu van Deursen (treasurer). Every year, the Partner Council, in consultation with the municipality, draws up a two-year program of the advice that the council will give. The advice of the Partner Council is very important, the Board can only deviate from it with good arguments.

From sounding board to Partner CouncilThe Partner Council has been involved during the implementation of Regional deal Southwest in 2019 originated. Residents and professionals contributed ideas about the Regiodeal projects and thus formed an important sounding board group for the municipality. From there they have developed into a broader advisory platform for major issues that play a role in Southwest: the Partner Council Southwest. With the appointment and installation by the college, the Partner Council is now a formal interlocutor for the city council and increases its influence on the plans for Zuidwest.

Broad approach The Hague SouthwestIn Zuidwest, broad prosperity is under pressure. That is why the government, residents, entrepreneurs, civil society and other partners have jointly drawn up a plan to make Southwest a good place to live, work, grow up and live again: the Broad Approach. In this long-term, integrated approach, improvements to homes, living environment, education, safety, health, work and participation go hand in hand. The aim is that residents of Zuidwest in 699 have the same opportunities as other residents of The Hague.

Photos: Martijn Beekman, commissioned by the municipality of The Hague


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