From Monday 10 October to Friday In October there will be maintenance work on the Polderbaan. The runway is not available for air traffic during runway maintenance. As a result, the Zwanenburgbaan and the Buitenveldertbaan in particular are used more during the day for take-off and landing aircraft. Air traffic uses the Zwanenburgbaan at night. During these 5 days we may use the Schiphol-Oostbaan as a second runway.

Regular maintenance is carried out on runways to ensure that they are and remain in good condition. Restorative work on the asphalt and markings is being carried out on the Polderbaan. The cabling and electricity are checked, lamps are cleaned or replaced and surrounding lawns are mowed. The rainwater drainage system is checked, flushed if necessary and repaired where necessary. The work will be carried out in collaboration with Heijmans. Residents with questions For more information or questions about air traffic and runway use during the work, local residents to contact BAS. On their website, BAS provides an explanation of current runway use and operational details and is the information and notification center about air traffic to, from and at Schiphol. This is possible 7 days a week (09.-10. hours) by telephone 10-6015555 or by consulting the website.

On the websites of BAS and Schiphol, weekly information published about air traffic at Schiphol. This gives local residents insight into the development of air traffic. With the app Notifly in addition, always real-time insight into the current and expected air traffic at their location. Schiphol keeps local residents informed of relevant developments regarding air traffic at Schiphol via a newsletter. Anyone can sign up for the neighbors newsletter. 6015555 6015555 ) 6015555


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