Trevvel is going to meet its employees financially. The board of the Rotterdam transport company wants to lend a helping hand to employees who are concerned about the constantly rising prices for energy, fuel and groceries.

Trevvel is going to give its employees different ways to support financially. First of all, all employees, except the management, receive an energy allowance of three hundred euros net. The first half of that amount will be transferred in October, the other half in December.

Advance on collective labor agreement In addition, Trevvel an advance on the new Collective Labor Agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi. Those negotiations are still in full swing, but the carrier has already decided to scale its employees in higher pay grades. For example, all drivers are classified in minimum wage step 6. All Trevvel office staff are classified in minimum wage step 3. The transport company no longer finds the lower steps appropriate in the current zeitgeist. These periodic increases took effect on 1 October.

Finally, Trevvel has decided to increase the collective rates for subcontractors on Trevvel Route. This includes student transport, daytime transport and work transport. The carrier will do this via a market surcharge of five euros (excluding VAT) per hour.

“During talks with subcontractors, concerns were expressed about the last quarter of this year and what this would mean for the service means”, explains the Rotterdam transport company. “There are still three months to go until the expected NEA increase, while costs continue to rise. It has therefore been decided to grant a surcharge on the rates on Trevvel Route to subcontractors for the last three months of this year.” This market surcharge came into effect on October 3 and is still valid until 27 December.

Not in the cold Trevvel director Arno van Haasterrecht is pleased that he has been able to realize this financial compensation for his employees. “It was a bit of a puzzle,” he says. “We see costs rising, but income not. This applies to Trevvel as a company, but also to our employees. We recognize their concerns. That is why, as a board, we have looked at what we can do for our employees and relations. In the end we arrived at this.”

According to the Trevvel director, this financial compensation was well received by the employees. “The reactions have been positive and even heartwarming. Several people have already come to me who are thrilled that we are taking care of them. We will not leave our employees out in the cold this winter”, concludes Van Haasterecht.

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