When a loved one dies, a lot comes at you. In addition to the grief and mourning, you have to arrange a lot in The Hague. There is a good chance that because of all the impressions you do not know exactly what to do. Here you see an overview.

Good to know: in this article we use the term ‘neighbour’. This can be a family member or a partner you live with. Do you want to know the situation for someone outside your family or partner? Check the website of the central government to see whether and if so, what you can arrange.

Declare death

If a loved one dies, you must declare death at your municipality. Some funeral directors do this on your behalf, but are not obliged to do so. You can arrange it yourself at the municipality in The Hague.

Surviving relatives can submit the declaration by e-mail. Send the declaration including attachments to .

Good to know: the declaration of death must be made before the funeral or within six working days after the death.

Declaration from a doctor

To be able to register a death, you have require a statement from a doctor. You will almost always receive this from the attending physician, who has also confirmed the death. This can be a doctor from a hospital in The Hague, but also a general practitioner. Has a loved one suddenly died at home? Then a doctor must visit.

As soon as your death registration has been confirmed by the municipality of The Hague, the municipality will draw up a death certificate. It is wise to request this deed, because you will need it later.

Source: Rijksoverheid.

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