Together with security companies and trade unions, Schiphol is working on better terms and conditions of employment. On the one hand, the airport will reduce the number of locally departing passengers in the coming period due to the shortage on the labor market, on the other hand, structural solutions are being worked on to solve this shortage. In concrete terms, the parties are working on:

Better schedules. Security employees have many changing schedules and different start times per day. Security companies reduce that number of starting moments, making their working week and rhythm more manageable. Improve rest areas. Security employees deserve good rest areas where they can rest and relax after or between their duties. Schiphol is currently improving the rest areas and the innovations will be visible within two weeks. Better wages for employees of security companies. Until 1 September 40 a Schiphol surcharge of 1, 40 euros per hour applies. Schiphol is also working on more structural improvements, covering all aspects of remuneration. The 40% collective labor agreement wage increase as of January 1 40 of the security industry is helpful in that context. Recruitment of new staff. Schiphol will continue to work with the security companies to recruit new security staff. In the past period – despite the end of the summer bonus – there has been no increased outflow of the number of security officers. However, new people are still needed.


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