Schiphol will maintain the maximum number of travelers that can depart from the airport in the coming months, after consultation with the airlines, who are not happy with this. Airlines need a longer-term planning. The airport expects to do this until the end of March. There will be a moment towards the end of the year when it will be examined whether more is possible from the end of January. Schiphol does this to provide travelers with a reliable travel experience and to offer airlines predictability and stability. At the same time, hard work is being done to improve security capacity. “

Keeping a maximum number of travelers is necessary. We want to guarantee the safety of employees and travelers and offer a more reliable airport process. This naturally has consequences for travelers and airlines, which we find annoying. Together with the security companies and trade unions, we are working hard on structural improvements. That is a big task in a very tight labor market. We have to be realistic about that. That is why it will only become clear later this year whether more is possible after January. Hanne Buis, COO at Royal Schiphol Group„


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