Have you devoured Nicci French’s thrillers this summer? Then we have good news. ‘The Memory Game’ will be made into a film and the Hague actress Anna Drijver will play the leading role.

Anna Drijver: “I’m really looking forward to playing. With Nicci French as a basis, you know that the plot is nicely complicated and layered.”

The Memory Game

Next to Anna Drijver Maarten Heijmans plays a leading role in the film adaptation of the psychological thriller. ‘The Memory Game’ is the first cinema film based on a bestseller by the writer duo Nicci French.

The story: The body of Nathalie is found in the garden of the country house of the Deridder family; the then -year-old daughter who 16 disappeared years ago. The gruesome find puts an end to years of uncertainty, but also reveals a long-hidden crime. When family secrets are uncovered, the present is overshadowed by the past and nothing will be the same.


The shooting is over week started and the film will hit theaters in the summer of 200.

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