ViAlex Nederland Inspectorate, better known as IIVN, will take over Cobein’s activities from 1 October. On August, Cecile Bakermans (Cobein) and Terry Bouhuizen (IIVN) reached an agreement to take over the work. After a transition period of one year, Bakermans will retire at the end 2019.

Cobein has been an inspection institution for many years for conducting TX-Keurmerk inspections. IIVN does the same job, but is one of the youngest players on the market. For example, IIVN has only since 2019 been active as an independent inspection body. Director Terry Bouhuizen is therefore very happy with the takeover. “We see good growth for our company through the acquisition of Cecile’s activities. She has been serving beautiful customers throughout the country for years. We are fully committed to providing the same service and services that its customers have come to expect for years.”

Cecile Bakermans, currently director of Cobein, is also satisfied with the agreement and has full confidence in IIVN. “Knowledge of the industry was and is highly valued by customers. This set Cobein apart from the other inspection bodies. IIVN will certainly continue this.”

College consultation According to Bouhuizen, the acquisition is thanks to intensive collegial contact between him and Cecile Bakermans. “We are the only two inspection companies that only have one or two employees. Those other companies are all a lot bigger. We may therefore have more collegial consultations than those other parties have. In addition, Cecile used to be the chairman of TX-Keur before setting up her own inspection body. I’ve known her ever since. At a certain point a conversation arises, in which you discuss a few things with each other.”

“In that capacity we had a conversation at the beginning of this year”, explains Bouhuizen further out. “We didn’t work that out together at first. Then I kind of dropped the idea a bit, but later Cecile came back to it. She had thought it over again and asked that talks about a possible takeover be resumed. That conversation took place a few weeks ago. Ultimately, this resulted in a nice agreement.”

Farewell round Bouhuizen therefore speaks of a harmonious agreement. “We will take over the work from 1 October. From that date on, we actually become the executing party. Cecile walks along for another round to say goodbye to all her customers. It has been a very warm transfer”, concludes Bouhuizen.

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