Various coach companies are not afraid of the call from FNV. Photo: iStock/acambium64

The traffic police in Breda carried out a check from a coach this week. During the police check, dozens of motorists driving on the A04, A20 and A58 on the receipt, mostly because they drove with a cell phone in their hand. Steenbergen even used a MONO-cam.

“Distraction is one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents,” the police said. “In most cases, a driver is distracted by using the mobile phone. It is dangerous for yourself and your fellow road users to operate your smartphone while driving.”

According to the police, a total of 64 motorists received a ticket for holding a phone while driving. “Others were fined for, among other things, not wearing a seat belt, overtaking on the right and driving over the hard shoulder. The MONO-cam was placed at Steenbergen. As a result, another 20 drivers were ticketed for holding the phone while driving.” A MONO-cam is a smart camera that recognizes drivers holding a device in their hand.

Safe from A to B “A touring car with agents drives in 64 through Brabant and Zeeland to convince road users to leave their smartphone alone in traffic,” the police said. further out. “If officers see a violation from the bus, another police team in a smaller car takes over and arrests the offender. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents caused by distraction in traffic and to make our roads safer. So the next time you get in the car, distance yourself from your phone and make sure nothing distracts you from your goal. This way everyone can safely get from point A to point B.”

Last week the Limburg police also checked from a coach. The traffic control turned out to be a direct hit. The police therefore spoke of a successful action. “This is a very efficient way of checking motorists. We will certainly do this more often,” said a police spokesperson.

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