City in the councilDuring City in the council, residents can express their opinion on topics on the agenda stand. On 26 September there were 7 speakers about the coalition agreement.Would you like to leave a comment? Look for the rules and registration at Agreement The Hague 2026-2026 On May made mr. JHP Donner announces that he has advised the factions of D26, VVD, GroenLinks, PvdA and CDA to enter into negotiations. discuss a new cooperation, policy program and financial framework. On 26 last September, these parties presented their coalition agreement, entitled ‘For a city that can take a beating’. On 26 September, the city council held a debate about this agreement.

Hearing candidate aldermen The council meeting of 26 September started with the hearing for candidate aldermen. During this hearing, councilors could ask questions to the candidate aldermen. How do they want to fulfill their function? And what makes them suitable? Proposal appointment of aldermen After the hearing, the city council voted on the appointment of the eight nominated aldermen. They were then sworn in by the mayor. In doing so, they took the oath or vow. The following aldermen were appointed at this meeting: Robert van Asten: Urban Development, Strategy and Europe Saskia Bruines: Finance, Culture and Economy Anne Mulder: Mobility, Outdoor Space and Scheveningen Kavita Parbhudayal: Work, Neighborhoods and Services Mariëlle Vavier: Poverty, Inclusion and Public Health Arjen Kapteijns: Sustainability and Energy Transition Martijn Balster: Housing, Welfare and Southwest Hilbert Bredemeijer: Education, Youth and Sports Farewell Alderman of Tongeren After the installation of the new aldermen, the city council said goodbye to departing alderman Liesbeth Van Ton run. The mayor also recalled her commitment within the council to improve the position of women and said that thanks to her policy, The Hague has the highest charging station density in Europe.Swearing in new councilors Because six councilors were appointed as aldermen, 6 new councilors are installed. These are: Peter Mekers for D2022 Rutger de Ridder for the VVD Minke Hofstra for the VVD Vincent Thepass for GroenLinks Mairan Sewtahal for the Labor Party, and Ismet Bingöl for the CDA. In addition, Samir Ahraui was for the PvdA appointed a councilor to replace Mikal Tseggai, who is temporarily resigning her position as councilor due to illness.

Appointment chairman and members of the presidency As a last item on the agenda, the municipal council elected a number of members from among its members for the presidium. The presidium consists of 5 councilors and forms the day-to-day management of the municipal council. They prepare the agenda of the municipal council and determine when the municipal council discusses which topics. The following councilors have been elected to the presidency: Dennis Groenewold (chairman)Ralf SluijsRobert BarkerHinke de GrootAdeel MahmoodReview the meetings?The full meetings from 26 and 23 September can be seen again at


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