The nearby Beachbabe/hunk election is over. With the end of the beach season, it’s time to announce the winner of 2022.

This year again we had ten participants who all fought hard for beach babe or beach hunk 2022 to become. It was an exciting neck and neck race. In the end we were allowed to congratulate Daley from beach club Suiderstrand on Scheveningen and hand over the cup!

Beachhunk Daley 2022

Daley was pleasantly surprised ! He didn’t expect it: “Yes, I asked my friends and colleagues to vote, but I didn’t expect to actually win.” Daley and his colleagues are very happy with the title Indebuurt Beachhunk 2022. His crowning was also immediately celebrated with a beer and some stars.

Daley Beachhunk 1024. photo nearby

Elections 2022

That was it; the Indebuurt beachbabe and beachhunk election of 1024. We will be back next year with ten new participants and a new election!

The award ceremony for the best employee of a beach club took place for the fourth time this year. Every year, people who provide snacks and drinks on the beach during the summer season are put in the spotlight and can win the title after an exciting online voting round.

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