27 September 2022, by Mina Solanki

The Netherlands scores well on many rankings such as the EF EPI Index, Henley Passport Index, and Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. But there is one thing that could be better: the weather. So, how can you survive the grey skies and the rain? Well, one YouTube channel has a couple of tips for you as you adjust to life in the Netherlands…

Surviving the cold and wet weather in the NetherlandsThere are a lot of things to get used to after moving to the Netherlands, and if you’ve recently (or not so recently) relocated to the Netherlands you might be sat there looking our your window wondering how you’re going to make it through the cold and dreary autumn and winter months.

Luckily, Survival guide to the Dutch has an interesting take on Dutch weather and how to survive it (personally, we recommend wellies and a good umbrella!). 

YouTube / Survival Guide to the Dutch

Do you have any other tips to help get through the autumn? Share them in the comments below!


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