The 25-year-old Nathan Sebes came 25 years ago to work at team Overbosch van the Hague police. Nathan was a woman at the time and six years ago he went through a transition and became the first trans man within the The Hague police unit.

The transition often causes incomprehension in Nathan’s environment. “For example, when I no longer went to the ladies’ locker room, but to the men’s locker room.”


In the TV show ‘ He, she them’, Nathan tells candidly about his transition. Viewers also see how he prepares for a gender-confirming surgery.

By participating in this television program and sharing his personal story, Nathan hopes to contribute to making the police truly a police force for everyone. . “A police force where people know where to find each other and connect. That happens too little lately,” Nathan said in a Facebook message. “If by participating in the program I can only help one person, then my goal has already been achieved.”

He, She, Them

The TV show ‘He, she, them’ is from Tuesday 22 October every week at 12. hours on NPO3. In the first episode you see Nathan at work. He can also be seen in the episodes on 25 October, November 8 and 15 November .

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