Trevvel has started the road up again in the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. This is reported by the Algemeen Dagblad. According to the newspaper, 16 percent of the journeys carried out by the Rotterdam transport company in that municipality are now completed according to schedule. In addition, communication has also improved. “We are in constant dialogue with each other.”

“Trevvel has always taken the problems very seriously”, a spokesperson for the municipality of Capelle said. TaxiPro know. “We notice that they are working hard. In addition, there is regular contact between Trevvel and the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. We are in constant conversation with each other. Communication is extremely important.”

Trevvel is of the same opinion. “During the discussions with the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel, we are continuously looking for solutions to the current problems. There is good consultation with the municipality, civil servants and the alderman. As a result, we have now started the way up in Capelle,” says a spokesperson for the Rotterdam transport company.

Communicate faster Although Trevvel seems to have his affairs in Capelle aan den IJssel more and more in order, according to the municipality, not all problems have yet been solved. “Especially if drivers are absent due to illness, or for whatever reason, we believe that communication can be done even faster. Good communication will also lead to a faster understanding of the situation.”

“Fortunately, communication is now faster than was the case a few weeks ago. The moment a situation arises that was not conceived in this way in advance, there is now faster switching and looking for alternative solutions. That helps. We like this way of working.” Good cooperation Trevvel is also extremely satisfied about the collaboration with the municipality of Capelle. “We have a constructive cooperation with each other. We talk a lot about how we can help each other. We don’t talk about each other, but rather with each other. Together we are really looking for constructive solutions to the problems on the table. That helps enormously.”

“We do not have opposing interests, but rather a common interest. We must ensure that children who use student transport are brought to school on time. This is not always easy due to the shortage of staff. Then you have to look together how that problem can be solved.” Harmonie The Municipality of Capelle agrees. “As a municipality, we have been on top of this issue from the start, but we are clearly opting for the harmony model. We try to find solutions in a harmonious way. Of course, the pressure is ramped up from time to time. It is also a serious issue. Children have the right to education and simply need to be in class on time. But you also need to be understanding when circumstances arise that are beyond your control. Let’s hope that Trevvel soon succeeds in attracting sufficient drivers in the short term. Because 16 percent is beautiful, but of course we strive for 16 percent”, concludes the municipality. During the National Contract Transport Congress on 6 October, various specialists from the sector will discuss important issues in Dutch target-group transport. Be present? Which can! You can register here for free.

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