During Taxi Expo ’20 the presentation of the Taxi Innovation Award will also take place. This prize was created to encourage companies to continue to innovate. Inner-Aktie is one of the five nominees who has a chance to win this coveted prize. Director Shirley van den Kolk explains in an extensive interview what Inner-Aktie means and why you should vote for them.

How did you react when you heard that you had been nominated for the Taxi Innovation Prize?

“With tears. I had just finished giving a training. I opened my laptop and when I read my email, I saw that we had been nominated. That was a fantastic moment. We work with a very vulnerable target group. These are people with a great distance from the labor market. We want to get them working again. It’s great to see that.”

Can you tell us exactly what Inner-Action does?

“We work with people who want to take the step back to paid work from a position of dependency. We are convinced that when your inner self is in order, you allow yourself more than a social assistance benefit. With our training courses we help these people to develop personally (Inner) and to enable them to return to work in a sustainable way (Action).”

“People who work in sitting on social assistance and especially doing voluntary work constantly show that they can do something. They arrive on time and work about twenty hours a week at a food bank, for example. By obtaining a taxi pass, these people have a chance of getting paid work.”

How does that work exactly?

“We have a basic training called: I am-I am-I am going. All steps are completed during this training. Students initially look for themselves. How am I as a person, after having been on welfare for a period of time? They’re going to investigate that. Then we make the step towards the labor market. During this second phase, the students discover where their qualities lie and where their thresholds lie. At the end of this course, the candidates become really visible and then take the step towards a paid job.”

What makes Inner-Aktie’s work so important?

“We contribute to the future of these people. In addition, this group is not clearly visible. They are often overlooked. People who are on welfare and also do voluntary work, have often been in that place for a long time and are therefore not seen. However, it is this group that is extremely interesting for work in the transport sector. After all, these people are immediately at their ceiling when they obtain their taxi pass. So they don’t go away anymore, they stay with you.”

Why should people vote for Inner-Aktie for the Taxi Innovation Prize?

“What we do is current. In addition, we also ensure a better connection between supply and demand, which is currently insufficiently looked at. This is not done consciously, by the way. You just need to know that this exists. We try to make this visible to as many municipalities as possible. Every municipality has such a target group. Everyone is happy with what they ultimately achieve. This in turn benefits the quality of the transport.”

You can

here vote for one of the five nominees for the Taxi Innovation Award. Would you also like to be present at Taxi Expo ’20 or at the National Congress Contract Transport? Which can! You can register here for free.

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