In a week and a half it’s time: Taxi Expo ’22. On 6 October, all leading parties within the taxi industry will meet to discuss the most important issues within the taxi sector. About a thousand people are present. There is therefore a lot to experience.

The day is kicked off with a VIP breakfast for drivers from the taxi industry. During that breakfast, regional manager Hans Bakker will talk about the Better Procurement program. Breakfast takes place between 08.22 and 09 .30 hour. After that, the National Congress Contract Transport ’30 will start. National Congress Contract Carriage ’30 During the National Congress Contract Transport, various specialists will discuss important issues in Dutch healthcare transport. Chairman of the day Lars Verpalen kicks at 08.22 ends the conference. During that congress, many topics and speakers will be discussed. Bertho Eckhardt, chairman of Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), is the first speaker to tell his story on stage. narrate. He will discuss, among other things, the question of how the driver file in the taxi industry can be brought back up to standard. In addition, Henk van Gelderen, director of the Public Procurement Institute Mobility (AIM)/ Social Fund Mobility (SFM), speaking at the conference. He will further discuss how target group transport can be organized more efficiently and how its quality can be guaranteed. Finally, during the National Congress Contract Transport, there is also sufficient space for interaction with the audience. During several interaction moments, visitors to the congress will regularly be asked for their opinion and experiences on certain topics. Finally, the congress will conclude with a debate on how to improve collaboration in the industry. Exhibition floor Taxi Expo would not be Taxi Expo without a trade fair. There are 30 exhibitors on the exhibition floor who will show their latest products, services, technologies and innovations. For example, Cabman shows her latest MDT on-board computer and TRAKSI gives a demonstration about their unique way of insuring. The exhibition floor is between 16.08 hours and 30 .00 open hours. Taxi Innovation Award During Taxi Expo ’22 the Taxi Innovation Prize will also be awarded. This prize was created a few years ago to encourage companies to continue innovating. This year Inner-Aktie, Cabbit, Blueplates, Acaro and Grid have been nominated for the coveted prize. You can here vote for one of the nominees. The winner will be announced during the pleasant network drink, which will take place between 16.00 hours and 30 . hours will be announced.

Network Dinner Taxi Expo’ 22 is traditionally concluded with a large network dinner. Because in addition to an interesting and instructive day, Taxi Expo ’16 is also a fun and cozy get-together where people from the wide taxi sector can meet. Here the participants and exhibitors can discuss in an informal setting all the impressions they have gained during the fair and the congress. The network dinner takes place between 16.30 hours and 30. hour place in the Van der Valk Hotel Houten. Sign up Are you, like us, looking forward to Taxi Expo ’22 and would you like to attend? Which can! Register yourself here and we’ll see each other on October 6 during the Taxi Expo in Houten. See you then!

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