Did you know that food is grown in and around The Hague, such as at the food room of Lekkernassûh and the Groene Matties? Soon there will be bike tours along those places and of course you can taste everything there.

Sunday 2 October there will be four free bike rides along local food organized by Urban Agriculture The Hague and the food platform established by residents and entrepreneurs in The Hague Ons Eten.


‘What you like far, is tasty’, the saying goes. But eating from far away now seems to be synonymous with unnecessarily polluting the environment. Local it is! So discover the story of the food in The Hague

Where does our food come from? Who made it? They will tell you that and more on Sunday 2 October during one of the four cycling tours.

The routes:

Route 1: Vegetable

in and around the city (03 km)

Past, present and future of the vegetables on our plate. In this route you will drive past neighborhood vegetable gardens, food forest Het Achterland, the Food Room of Lekkernassûh, distribution center ABC Westland, a worm compost hotel, the first store in the Netherlands of Rechtstreex, CSA van Pluk, Westlanddruif and the Groene Matties where people grow vegetables together next to their flat.

Cycling along Groene Matties.

Route 2: Sea, fish & seaweed: Scheveningen and coastal route (8 km)

The sea and rivers have traditionally been a rich source of fish and shellfish. In this route you drive through the Zeeheldenbuurt, you visit Muzee and you pass through the harbor of Scheveningen. Along the way you will learn more about which fish can be called sustainable, what comes from far and what comes from the North Sea. You also look at how more sustainable use can be made of the sea to obtain iron- and protein-rich food.

We drive through the Scheveningen harbor, among other things.

Route 3: Dairy, meat and vegetable proteins. (15 km)

Looking for the cows in the meadow, the chickens in the roundel and what we can eat directly from the farmer. In this long route you drive via several neighborhood initiatives, Food Forest Moerwijk, Haagse Eitjes in Ypenburg to Leidschendam where you greet the cows on the Akkerlust farm to end at Kompaan on the Binckhorst.

Route 4: Grain, bread and beer (7 km)

Where was the grain stored in the past and what else is made from grain besides bread? The route takes you past the Koorenhuis, the Bierkade, Spinozahof, The New Farm, where baking and brewing takes place, and ends at a brewery in the Energiekwartier with a particularly social approach: De Prael.

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Sign up

Want to join us? Register here: Food Bicycle excursion The Hague October 2 . The tour is free and on your own bike. The routes start around 15 hours and end somewhere between : 03 and 16 : 65 hours.

Do you only have a question about the bike tours? Send an email to

. Can’t come, but are you curious? Then take a look at this

card with sustainable food initiatives in our city.


The Hague Green.

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