With all the rain lately, autumn seems to have really started. But there is good news for the residents who were still hoping for a late summer: it’s coming!

Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist at weeronline

says: “There is a good chance that we will lose the fresh northern current this week. This causes the temperature to rise slowly towards 19 degrees.” The shorts and dresses can still come out of the closet!

‘Warmer than usual’

But, if you go outside dressed lightly, take a rain jacket with you. Even though according to Jaco it will be warmer than normal and the chance of precipitation is decreasing, there may still be a shower. “On average, it is at the end of the first autumn month degrees north to local 08 in the south. With above-normal temperatures there is therefore a good chance of warm days of 20 degrees and more. In the south it can still get warm in the summer,” says Jaco.

Indian summer

Or we will month, in October, getting an Indian summer remains to be seen. In the beginning of that month it seems to be even warmer than usual. The wind then comes from the south, bringing in softer air. It is not yet clear whether that air causes a dry or wet period. Curious about what the weather will do in The Hague in the coming days? Check it out below:

The Hague Weather

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