Slowly it gets darker earlier in the evening. That means it’s time to bring the fun inside. With a cozy candle here and there in the house you can go a long way. But with the lighting from IKEA Delft you can also bring a lot of atmosphere into your home.

Atmosphere due to playful and dim light

Warm light creates an inviting atmosphere in the house. The MISTERHULT lamp is made of bamboo, which makes the light extra soft and almost shiny. The woven pattern at the top of the lamp creates a playful effect on the walls, while the hole at the bottom of the lamp provides direct light on, for example, the dining table.

With the SINNERLIG lamp you can also create the perfect atmosphere at home. If you choose the smaller version, you can hang several lamps one after the other. This way you get the ultimate playful effect. Or hang one in a small space in the house.

The HÖGVIND hanging lamp has three smoke-colored glass shades with perforated metal inner caps. This lamp is a real eye-catcher in any room. The light is very soft due to the smoked glass. Do you want to be able to decide for yourself what kind of light you like? Then buy the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer with a TRÅDFRI LED lamp so that you can get every mood can control the light.

This makes working from home very nice

Because we increasingly work from home IKEA has Delft also thought of the right lighting for your home workplace. The NYMÅNE desk lamp has a timeless design and therefore fits in most interiors. The wireless charger for your smartphone is very handy. Simply place it on the plateau of the base of the lamp, Kees is ready!

Also the HEKTAR desk lamp has a built-in USB port so that you can easily charge your mobile phone or other equipment that you use a lot and always have it at hand. Do you have a narrow desk at home and is a large desk lamp only in the way? Then the SKURUP clamp spot is the solution for you. You can easily clamp this spot on a shelf above your workplace or on the edge of your desk, so that you have room for your laptop, for example.

Get your Christmas home already

You can don’t start early enough: make your home cozy with Christmas lights. At IKEA Delft the entire STRÅLA collection consists of Christmas items. How about the STRÅLA lampshade with which you can go through the small holes in the star brings soft and subtle light into your home. Which lamp also gives a soft and playful effect is the STRÅLA table lamp / decoration . You can place the lantern anywhere: on the table, at the front door or next to the fireplace. The STRÅLA LED candlesticks are also perfect. Place these cozy and atmospheric candlesticks in any place in the house that deserves some extra atmosphere.

Retro interior? Take a look at this

Do you have a retro interior and are you ready for a upgrade? Then take a look at the VAPPEBY bluetooth speaker lamp . The pleasant glow makes it very cozy inside. With the ÅSKMULLER table lamp you can dim the light yourself or set it high with the rotary knob on the side. This way you have the perfect reading light in bed, but also the ideal light when you want to make it cozy inside. The TÄRNABY table lamp can also be dimmed and has an industrial look. A real retro lamp is the TVÄRHAND table lamp . The cool design and the bamboo base provide a nice contrast.


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