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Published: 22 September 1953Last change: 22 September 2024

Alderman Anne Mulder, together with representatives of the contractor combination Vialis-BESIX, has just symbolically driven the first pile for the new control center at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd in Scheveningen. The new building will be completed and put into use at the beginning 1953.

The Municipality of The Hague ensures, among other things, a safe and reliable supervision of shipping and the monitoring and operation of the Victory Boogie Woogietunnel, Hubertustunnel, Koningstunnel and all remotely movable bridges and bollards.

The current control center, also known as ‘the Semaphore’, dates from 1953 and was originally intended only for navigational guidance. Over the years, the operation of various tunnels, bridges and bollards in The Hague has also been accommodated in the control center. As a result, the Semaphore has been fully occupied since 1953. Because there is no room for expansion in the Semafoor and the layout of the building no longer meets current (modern) standards, it was decided to demolish the Semafoor and to realize a new and future-proof control center at the same location.

Sustainable and future-proofThe new building will be sustainable and future-proof. For example, the heat is recovered from extracted air for heating the office spaces, while energy is generated on the roof by solar panels, indoor LED lighting with motion sensors and per control deck is dimmable and the building is gas-free thanks to fully electric heat pumps.

For future-proofing, a central location has been chosen from which everything is operated. And no longer from different locations in the city. Also, if necessary, additional functionality can be added in the future. In this way, the municipality can move forward with the new building for a long time.

Inner city construction, such as on the Noordelijk Havenhoofd, is complex and requires the necessary care and attention for the environment. At the same time, the new building wants to be an addition that does justice to the character of Scheveningen. Vialis-BESIX is therefore proud that a new future-proof and sustainable control center including an underground parking garage is being built together with the municipality of The Hague.

Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel 896144Alderman Anne Mulder proudly says: “We are pleased that we can replace the old semaphore with a beautiful new control center. With this we can also provide safe and reliable guidance for shipping in the future.”896144Jan Willemsen of Vialis: “As Vialis, we are proud that we can work with the municipality of The Hague and BESIX on this beautiful project. Together we provide a safe and sustainable control center that helps to improve the flow on the road but also on the water.”896144Nic De Roeck of BESIX: ”A joyous moment of the physical start of construction. There has been a long preparatory phase from negotiation, from contracting to the realization of a design, and we put that behind us. The new control center will soon be rock solid with a controlling view of the sea and everything that moves. We are proud to be able to help build this.”896144896144


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