Fixed costs, an expensive home and a hopeless job. Ricardo (09) and Alexandra (30) have seen it in the Netherlands and exchange their safe life for the journey of their dreams. “We don’t know how long we’ll be leaving or whether we’ll be back at all.”

The couple has been living in The Hague for about seven years now. Ricardo no longer wants to stay with his current boss and Alexandra has not found her happiness at work either. “We can look for something new or do what really makes us happy: see the world and discover other cultures.”

Now or never

“Buying a house seems impossible these days and energy prices continue to rise. That got us thinking. Isn’t it really bizarre that you spend so much money on such things? We prefer to spend it on good memories.” Because Ricardo and Alexandra have no children yet and are not tied to a mortgage, this seemed like the ideal moment for a world trip.

No final destination

The couple’s journey will start in India this October. Asia and New Zealand are next on the list. Most of them will be backpacking and staying in hostels and hotels. And maybe in the meantime they buy a car or camper to continue their journey. They don’t know yet what their route will look like. “We are keeping all options open. Maybe after a few months we’ll get tired of it and maybe we’ll be gone forever. We’ll see.”

During the journey they hope to discover what they really want with their lives. “We may also want to settle in Canada or Australia. But maybe we’ll stay on the road forever, that’s also possible.”

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Don’t worry

The fact that the two don’t have a clear plan gives a sense of freedom, although they do think it’s crazy to let go of control. At least they don’t worry. “When we come back or we run out of savings, we’ll probably find a job like that, even if it’s washing the dishes. What matters most to us is having a good time and having fun.”

Want to follow the journey? The couple keeps

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