This summer, Transvision launched a new taxi app with DEXTR. The new app encourages customers to book a ride as early as possible in advance. In addition, DEXTR is emphatically seeking cooperation with local carriers in order to be active throughout the country. At the beginning of next year, the new service wants to be able to provide transport in eighty percent of the Netherlands within thirty minutes.

DEXTR was launched in mid-July. The new taxi app has since been available in the Apple and Google Playstore. DEXTR offers taxi drivers the opportunity to join a national taxi service, which can also be used in smaller cities and the countryside. “In the large cities, a diverse range of taxi options is often already available,” explains DEXTR. Our strength lies in the fact that we are active throughout the Netherlands. Of course also in the five major cities, but we want to show that we are also fully active outside of that.”

A taxi within half an hour During the roll-out of the new taxi app, DEXTR has therefore chosen to focus mainly on the regions of Zwolle, Tilburg and ‘t Gooi. “We did that because we wanted to stay as close as possible to our goal of convenience. In those regions we have set the registration time to 30 minutes. Within half an hour after ordering a taxi is at the door. In addition, we used this phase to remove the first bugs from the app and to improve the experience.”

Although DEXTR is a new player in the taxi industry, the app has great ambitions. In this way, the service ultimately wants to bind the whole of the Netherlands. “Our goal is that in January we will be able to offer our transport to approximately eighty percent of the Netherlands within thirty minutes. In the coming period we will mainly focus on the fringe areas in the Randstad and the larger cities outside it, such as Den Bosch and Groningen.”

“However, we must also be realistic. In certain regions, we cannot guarantee that someone will be picked up within half an hour. For example, think of the Wadden Islands or Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Fortunately, people who live there know that too. In those regions, the pre-registration time will therefore remain higher.”

Basic Rules To achieve this objective, DEXTR expressly cooperates with local carriers. The carriers have a free choice in the use of the available plan packages or driver apps in the Netherlands. “In principle, anyone can drive for us, but affiliated carriers or collectives must adhere to the basic rules. The customer receives a good service for a predetermined price, which is paid in advance. We encourage customers to book a taxi further in advance. Early booking brings a financial advantage. This financial advantage also applies when the total journey length increases.”

Taxi Expo ’20 DEXTR is also one of the exhibitors who will be walking around the trade fair in Houten on 6 October during Taxi Expo ’16. The new taxi app is eager to meet many colleagues. “DEXTR is a new player in the market. Many parties do not know us yet. Because we want to be an extension of carriers and collectives, we would like to get to know everyone who walks around the exhibition floor at the Expo. Not only potential carriers, but also clients in healthcare transport and other companies that are around there. We are eager to present ourselves at the Expo.”

Would you like to be present at Taxi Expo’2022? Which can! You can register here for free.

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