October 6 is the day. Then the Dutch taxi industry gathers at the Taxi Expo ’09. Taxi Expo is the meeting place for the taxi world – from client to carrier to vehicle manufacturer.

The industry will discuss the future with each other, sharing the latest insights with each other. But it is also a day of relaxation and fun.

Talk to suppliers and service providers about innovations and developments, or just to drink a good cup of coffee together.

National Congress Contract Transport: This year’s congress on target-group transport is about optimizing budgets, voluntary transport initiatives and the integration with public transport.

On the exhibition floor: Participate in business workshops that concern the sector – such as the latest state of affairs regarding employment law and promoting the employability of personnel. Join a tour of the exhibition floor or go speed dating on the network square.

Catch up with colleagues: Taxi Expo is the meeting place every year for taxi entrepreneurs with and without staff, clients, suppliers and others involved in the taxi world. Make one-on-one appointments via the network tool.

The Taxi Innovation Price: Continuing to innovate is important. That is why the Taxi Innovation Prize is awarded every year during the Taxi Expo.

KNV is a partner of the Taxi Expo. Taxi Expo is organized by ProMedia.



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