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The hacker who managed to penetrate the internal systems of taxi app Uber last week, did not have access to sensitive user information, according to the American company. In addition, Uber claims that the hacker is part of hacker group Lapsus$.

Last week, a hacker broke into Uber’s internal systems. As a result of the hack, the American taxi and meal delivery company had to shut down various internal communication and technical systems. Uber then launched an investigation to determine the material damage.

While the investigation is still ongoing, Uber has already shared some findings. “First of all, we have not seen the attacker gain access to the production systems that power our apps.” According to the American company, the hacker did not steal any credit card or bank account numbers. “We also encrypt credit card information and personal health information, which provides an extra layer of protection.”

Lapsus$ In addition, Uber reports that the hacker is affiliated with hacker group Lapsus$. “They have become increasingly active in the past year. This group typically uses similar techniques to attack technology companies and has hacked Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta in 2022 alone .”

Finally, Uber says it is partnering with several leading digital forensics companies in the process. This partnership aims to better protect the American company against possible future attacks. There is also close cooperation with the FBI and the US Department of Justice during the investigation.

GTA Various American media, including Forbes, report that the hacker behind the attack on Uber also hacked Rockstar Games and released footage of the upcoming game Grand Theft Auto VI this weekend. A sixteen-year-old British teenager, who is identified as the leader of Lapsus$, is in the picture as a suspect.

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