Various coach companies are not afraid of the call from FNV. Photo: iStock/acambium64

Various coach companies say they are not afraid of any actions within the coach sector. This is apparent from a tour of TaxiPro. FNV announced on Monday that it would organize actions within the sector. However, some coach companies do not think that the willingness to take action among their drivers is high enough.

“We don’t expect too much from it”, says JoJo Tours. “Our drivers don’t seem to care much about it. We don’t really hear about them. Not even in the corridors. They just do their thing. In addition, we work here a lot with on-call workers. Those are not the full-timers who can earn their living with it. The full-timers we have here are very satisfied with their remuneration.”

In addition, JoJo Tours says that their coach drivers do not want to let the customers down. “The customers are simply sacred. The moment drivers go on strike, and this is not indicated in advance, the customers will ultimately be the victims. No one here wants that.”

Coach company Van Kooten Reizen paints the same picture. “It’s hard to say, but I don’t expect many drivers to go on strike with us. I don’t hear much about that. In addition, we have already taken the necessary steps ourselves. People should be paid properly.”

New collective labor agreement The coach company from Kootwijkerbroek says it regrets that there is no new collective labor agreement on the table yet. “It is important to know where you stand as an employee. We already have a shortage of people in the industry, so let’s make sure these things are well taken care of. I wish everyone a good collective bargaining agreement. If people think they can achieve that by taking actions, then they have a right to do so.”

Touringcar company Hartemink is of the same opinion. The coach company from Eibergen therefore thinks that a large part of the drivers will be prepared to take action. “We notice this from the fact that there is more and more grumbling in the canteen, between drivers. They think it is too ridiculous for words that there is not yet a new collective labor agreement. If an FNV, or other parties, commit themselves to this, drivers want to do their part. We have 13 coach drivers available. There are also several on-call workers. I think that about nine of them will take action”, Hartemink concludes.

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