The VVD in Katwijk is very concerned about student transport and the Regiotaxi. Due to a shortage of drivers, these two transport services in that municipality are experiencing problems. According to the VVD, these problems have even worsened in recent times.

“There are, for example, full taxi buses for student transport, new drivers are regularly on the buses, rides at the Regiotaxi are canceled and people are not called back”, according to the report. the Katwijk VVD faction. The party therefore requested a debate last Friday.

Letter The College of Mayor and Aldermen (B&W) recognizes the issues. “The national problems with staff shortages also pose serious challenges for student transport and the Regiotaxi in our municipality,” they write in a letter to the city council. “The personnel shortages at the transport companies are of a structural nature and are a national problem.”

“In addition, every year after the start of the school year, we see a new influx of students. Although this can be taken into account to some extent, the unpredictable nature of this also puts extra pressure on business operations and services.”

Actions In order to ensure that the residents of Katwijk suffer as little as possible from the problems encountered by the carriers, the municipality has taken various actions. For example, Katwijk is looking at region-wide how the problems at the Regiotaxi can be solved. “We are actively discussing with our fellow municipalities about joint management for improvement and solutions. We regularly discuss the developments in transport and personnel with client Holland Rijnland and taxi company De Vier Gewesten.”

And the municipality of Katwijk is not standing still when it comes to student transport. “We have increased the periodic consultation with Noot Student Transport about the developments in transport and staff from four times a year to monthly consultations. This allowed us to directly discuss and improve the effectiveness of the communication adjustments. Consultation about individual journeys and students takes place continuously”, according to the municipality.

In addition, a satisfaction survey was conducted by an independent research agency to better map the experiences of students and parents and bottlenecks. . The results of that investigation will be announced in October.

The VVD wonders, however, whether these actions will be sufficient. “We think it is good that the municipality keeps its finger on the pulse, but we wonder whether it is enough to solve the major problems that hit parents, students and vulnerable residents hard.”

Program van Eisen Finally, the VVD cracks a critical note about the tender procedure. At the end of last month it was announced that Noot Passenger Transport from 1 January 2023 will provide the Regiotaxi for five years. “This decision was taken by the Holland Rijnland partnership, which is authorized to make decisions from the municipal council,” explains the VVD. “However, both the municipal council and the municipal executive have not been informed about the Schedule of Requirements, which forms the basis of the tender. The VVD calls this bad, because, according to the party, both residents and the council should be able to check why this carrier was chosen.”

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