Published: 19 September 2022Modified: 22 September 2022

The coalition agreement for the 2022-2026 period was presented on 16 September 2022 by partners D66, VVD, GroenLinks, PvdA and CDA. The agreement outlines the plans for the city for the coming 4 years.

A number of these plans include: extra investments in clean, liveable and safe neighbourhoods, making improvements to the least energy-efficient homes and building affordable homes, and targeted attention and support for children, teenagers and families living in poverty.

Possible aldermenThe 5 political parties which are forming the coalition have also published the names of the 8 candidates who could possibly become aldermen. These candidates would then take part in the new Municipal Executive (college van burgemeester en wethouders).

For more information and to see the coalition agreement, go to the press release Investeren in een stad die tegen een stootje kan.


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