Last weekend there was a major taxi check in Amsterdam.Photo: Amsterdam Police Department Infra

Both Friday and Saturday night, the police held a large taxi check in the center of Amsterdam. During this check, no fewer than 08 official reports were written.

The check focused on taxi drivers who drove antisocially, dangerously or under the influence. “In total, we 400 prepared PVs for, among other things, speed, holding the telephone, technical defects, fraudulent acts in the BCT, violation of the driving and rest times, ignoring a closed declaration and illegally operating the boarding market,” the police reported on Facebook. “Two driver’s licenses have also been recovered for speed/driving behavior and four regular bus lane exemptions have been taken.”

One driver was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Another taxi driver turned out to have been driving without a driver card for eighteen days. According to the police, this driver was very nervous during the check. “Upon further investigation, he turned out to have driven on a fictitious social security number, eighteen days without a driver card, without registering journeys.”

“Another driver has had their Amsterdam taxi permit and associated roof light confiscated. He was suspended by his employer, but continued to drive.”

Successful action The police speak of a successful inspection and a pleasant cooperation with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and various enforcers from the municipality of Amsterdam. “We hope this will keep the ‘bad apples’ out of the taxi market, increase safety and give good taxi drivers a fairer chance”, concludes the police.

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