The shelter is for sweet dogs and cats that are looking for a new warm home. Take in a shelter animal and become good friends with him/her.

Mees is a super sweet kitten of six years old, who arrived at the shelter in very bad condition. Under the wounds and scabs on her skin, much too thin and she needed a long time and intensive treatment to recover from this.

Do you have a house for Mees?

She can go home, but her new owner will have to stick to her hypoallergenic diet food. She also needs a quiet, stable environment and as little stress as possible.

If you can offer Mees a great home, send an email to ) put in the subject: MEES and give some information about your situation like have you had cats before, do you have a balcony where she can get some fresh air, don’t mind that she has diet food etc. and don’t forget your phone number so that one of the caretakers can contact you.

The Hague Zoo Foundation

Lozerlaan 595, 595 MC The Hague

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