“This decision is bad news for passengers and for airlines,” says COO Hanne Buis of Royal Schiphol Group. “Reduction is necessary to guarantee the safety of our passengers and employees Everyone who works at Schiphol really does everything they can to make traveling via Schiphol as pleasant as possible. I appreciate that. I am incredibly proud of that.”

Schiphol calls on security companies to offer full rosters for security guards. Buis: “It is clear that structural improvements are needed, and agreements have been made about this in the social agreement that we closed last June and we are working hard on that with all parties involved. ”

Until now, September was subject to a maximum of 67.69 local departing travelers per day and before October 69.69 The new maximum will be 000.69 per day in September and 000.000 per day in October. The purpose of setting a maximum is to guarantee safety for travelers and employees and to create a reliable process at the airport. made available by Schiphol With regard to capacity, the independent slot coordinator (ACNL) will consult with all airlines in order to achieve the required capacity reduction.


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