The energy bill is rising, the groceries are expensive… These are – to say the least – not cheap times. If you want to save on groceries and prevent food waste, you can pick up food at various stores in The Hague that is left over at the end of the day. There is also a new app that makes this even clearer.

Are you already familiar with the app Too Good To Go? Supermarkets, hotels, bakeries and even sushi restaurants offer so-called Magic Boxes for a small price. A Magic Box can contain anything; bread, dairy, fruit, vegetables, donuts, complete meals… All foods that have passed their best before date or are left over at the end of the day for some other reason. In The Hague, Eazie, Spar, Dunkin’ Bakker Bart, Starbucks, Hema, Ekoplaza and Albert Heijn to go are mainly active on Too Good to Go. The offer changes every day.

AH Remainers

Next to Too Good To Go you can now also get Overstayers at (almost) all Albert Heijn stores. This is already possible at various branches in The Hague. The Leftovers from Albert Heijn are products that are left over at the end of the day and that have an approaching best before date or that are being discontinued.

In the AH-app you can see which packages are available. You can then reserve it and pick it up in the store at the end of the day for an affordable price. You can choose from packages such as Surprise, Vegetarian, Bakery (Love & Passion breads, donuts and bake-off breads). Yesterday’s bread and the Waste-me-not bag will soon also fall under the AH Overblijvers.

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