Passenger operator FlixBus has noticed a huge increase in the number of trips to the United Kingdom since the death of Queen Elizabeth. The bus operator suspects that the increase is related to the funeral of the deceased queen.

According to FlixBus, the number of bus rides from the Netherlands and Belgium to the United Kingdom is , increased by approximately 10 percent. In particular, journeys from cities such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp or Rotterdam are among the most popular to reach the British capital London.

Queen Elizabeth According to FlixBus, this increase is related to the death of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away last Thursday. “This increase, observed in comparison with the previous weeks and with the normal activity of the FlixBus lines to the United Kingdom, is largely explained by the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on 19 September and the four days of public meditation that precede it,” said FlixBus. The bus operator therefore expects this trend to continue until after the funeral.

Increase also in the United Kingdom Also in the United Kingdom itself, according to FlixBus, there is an increase in the number of bookings to London. Departures from Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham have shown an increase of approximately 30 percent this week. Reservations for the outward and return journey are also increasing. FlixBus expects normal operations to return from Tuesday 20 September.

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