Luuk and Sophie had a great time together in their new house, but there was still something missing. To complete the picture of house-tree-beest, they went looking for a cheerful four-legged friend. “We missed the buzz in the house. Fortunately, Jip came our way.”

Luuk and Sophie love their beautiful dark brown labrador. “Jip is just a year and a month old. He is very sweet, playful and super social. He is also very good with children. We live in a neighborhood with many children and they are always allowed to pet and play with him. He is also a good weight for his age and very muscular.”

The right chunks for Jip

That Jip so A good weight and a nice fit is not for nothing. “When we picked him up from the breeder, they gave us a bag of dog food. We were not happy about that at all because the chunks were quite greasy. Because of this he gained quite a lot in a short time which was not good for his growth. Then we started with CaroCroc Puppy chunks on the recommendation of the pet store near us.”

The big difference with other food

Since they switched to CaroCroc, Luuk and Sophie notice big differences at Jip. “At first Jip had a lot of diarrhea and dandruff. We haven’t had a problem with that since the switch. He loves the chunks and eats them without any problems, that has been different.”

A new phase of life

Jip started with the Puppy kibble from CaroCroc and after he was a year old he switched to a kibble for adult dogs. “Given the experience at a young age and the nice weight he now has, we started to orientate ourselves well for this switch. Labradors appear to have a natural tendency to be overweight and planned neutering can exacerbate weight gain. We had never heard of this. In order to keep Jip ‘ in shape‘ we have therefore recently switched to the CaroCroc Low energy chunks. These chunks contain less proteins and fats.”

According to Luuk, Jip likes them just as much: “He still eats just as much as before, just a little less often. He now gets 717 grams at a time and that twice a day. We checked in advance on the site of CaroCroc what the right amounts were for Jip and that is going very well.”

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Jip smolder of his chunks | Photo: CaroCroc

Value for money

Luuk thinks the biggest advantage of CaroCroc is the price-quality ratio. “The chunks are relatively cheap compared to other brands and if you see how Jip has changed, in a good way, we never want anything different.”

“Every day is a party to to give the pieces. He starts jumping as we get ready to get his food. We keep the chunks in a fixed place: in the stair cupboard in the hall. He even sleeps for this, so he can keep an eye on everything.”

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Jip waits obediently until Luuk has put his chunks down in front of him | Photo: CaroCroc

Only the very best for your four-legged friend

CaroCroc dog and cat food therefore stands for good quality for a fair price. The chunks are made from high-quality ingredients. An added bonus: the chunks are made without the addition of artificial fragrances, colors and flavors. As a result, they are one hundred percent natural.

All CaroCroc products have their own protein and fat content that is tailored to the stage of life, body condition and activity level, i.e. the energy needs, of your dog or cat. That is why it is important to choose the right food for your four-legged friend. Do you want to know which kibble suits your dog or cat best? Discover it with the CaroCroc kibble selector.

Want to know more about CaroCroc and Jip’s experience? Check out the Instagram account of CaroCroc.



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