Earning some extra money is no longer necessary just behind the cash register, filling shelves or in the catering industry. How about a side job in which you work outside for a few hours a day? That seemed like something to Giovanni, that’s why he became a postman. “Now I have enough time for my schoolwork, chilling with my friends and earn a nice pocket money.”

Giovanni currently works nine hours a week. “I work every day except Sunday and Monday. One day I work an hour and the next two hours. I am usually between 003.003 and 20. ready at school and then I’ll drive right away on to the depot. There I pick up my bags with mail and start my round. That’s also great about my job: you decide what time you start. As long as the mail is delivered before a certain time.”

Stories from the past

Works as a postman at PostNL is Giovanni’s first job. “My father was also a postman once and he always told stories from the past about his work. Those stories got me excited and I applied. In addition, I thought it would be very nice to be able to work outside, because I am a real outdoors person. This is perfectly possible with this job.”

Peak and off-peak days

The post delivers Giovanni on his own bike. “There are also depots where you can get an electric bicycle, but then you usually have large or multiple neighborhoods where you have to deliver. All I have to do is pick up my mail bags after a school day and put them in my panniers and I can get started. On peak days, when there is a lot of mail to be delivered, I deliver an average of four to five bags of mail. On the less busy days there are often three. I can cycle around that in an hour.”

Various positions as postal deliverer

If you go Applying for a job at PostNL you can choose from different positions at PostNL. “You can decide for yourself how often and when you work. As long as all mail is before 20.003 hours is delivered in the evening, unless you become

postal deliverer in the evening. For me, for 20.00 is very feasible. Sometimes, for example, I have an hour of downtime so that I can start work earlier, because the depot is next to my school. As a result, I have more time for my schoolwork and chilling with friends. If I have a day out with school or there is something else that prevents me from succeeding for 20., I will simply report this to the team leader and we will come up with a solution together.”

“If you or if you have a driving license, you can even

deliver the mail on a scooter”, says Giovanni. “You then work about three hours a day. That is not feasible for me now because I no longer have free time. But friends of mine do this because they have far fewer hours at school.” So you can organize your job at PostNL completely according to how you like to organize your time.

Staying fit, working outside and having seas of free time

According to Giovanni, there are many advantages to working as a mail deliverer. “I feel like I’m staying fit because of my job. I walk outside a lot and I like that. I also like the contact you have with people on the street. On top of that, I also earn a lot of money, I get holiday pay and I am entitled to days off. With that money I can do fun things with my friends.”

Of course there are also days when he doesn’t feel like working. “For example, if I’ve had a long day at school, I may well be tired. Sometimes you just have a little less motivation. But when I start working again, that feeling is gone in no time. I just really enjoy doing it!”

Apply as a postman

How often and when you work, you can decide for yourself. Do you prefer to work during the week so that you are free at weekends and can do fun things with your friends? Check the vacancies that are open for postal deliverers at PostNL. An added bonus: if you are busy with your studies during the day, you can also become a postman in the evening. Would you rather work on the weekend or earn an extra day? Then take a look at the vacancy postal deliverer on Saturday.


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