Published: 9 September 2022Modified: 22 September 2022

The municipality is improving traffic safety at the Loosduinsekade – Zuiderparklaan intersection and the Loosduinseweg – Valkenboslaan intersection. The roadworks will begin on 26 September and last until the end of November 2022.

Loosduinsekade – Zuiderparklaan intersection What is going to happen?The sidewalks will be widened around the intersection. The bicycle crossing and the cycle path by the Valkenboskerk will be widened to ensure the safety of cyclists. The cycle paths will get a new red asphalt paving. The area between the traffic lane and cycle path will be planted with greenery. Traffic lanes will be narrowed: in several sections the road will be narrowed to 2 lanes instead of 3. And separate turning lanes will be made. Trees will be planted near Loosduinsekade 372 and 378. One parking space will be removed. A sustainable, energy-efficient system will replace the entire traffic management system and traffic lights. ScheduleThe contractor will start working on Monday, 26 September 2022. The project will last until the end of November 2022.

Diversions Diversion from 26 September to 27 November 2022 During the project it will be nearly impossible to go through the intersections. It will not be possible to drive from the Zuiderparklaan to the Valkenboslaan and vice versa. The Loosduinsekade and Loosduinseweg will be accessible. From 18 November to 27 November 2022 the intersections will be completely closed to cars and other vehicles. Yellow road signs will indicate the diversions.

This diversion is for local traffic. From the Oude Haagweg you drive via the Mient and Weimarstraat to neighbourhood destinations.

From the Loosduinseweg/Beeklaan intersection towards Oude Haagweg you drive via the Apeldoornselaan, Escamplaan and Soestdijksekade.

From the Valkenbosplein towards Soestdijksekade and Zuiderpark you drive via the Laan van Meerdervoort, Thorbeckelaan and Volendamlaan.

From the Soestdijksekade and Zuiderpark you drive via the Volendamlaan, Thorbeckelaan and Laan van Meerdervoort towards the Valkenbosplein.

From the Loosduinseweg/Beeklaan intersection you drive via the Apeldoornselaan to the Zuiderparklaan.

From the Oude Haagweg towards the Loosduinsekade/Beeklaan intersection you drive via the Volendamlaan, Escamplaan and Apeldoornselaan.

Loosduinseweg – Valkenboslaan intersection NuisanceThe contractor will do everything possible to limit the amount of nuisance. Unfortunately it cannot be prevented entirely. We ask you to be patient and to show some understanding for this situation.  

Work at nightWork will be carried out on the intersections by the tram stops and overhead lines during a number of nights. This work cannot be done during the day due to the tram service. This work will take place in the 1st and 3rd weeks of November.

ParkingA number of parking spaces in the neighbourhood will not be available during the project. These are spots around the intersections were working is taking place.

Disabled parking spaceIf you are using a disabled parking space, you may temporarily get another parking space. This will affect only a few disabled parking spaces near the intersections.

Public transportThe Valkenboslaan tram stops for Tram 2 will always be available.

Household rubbishDuring the project a few underground rubbish containers (ORACs) will be closed. You can use another ORAC. Below you will see an overview of the closed ORACs and the alternative ORACs nearby.

Closed ORAC Alternative ORAC close by Valkenboskade tegenover nummer 1 Jasmijnstraat in de buurt van nummer 1 Valkenboskade tegenover nummer 31 Jasmijnstraat in de buurt van nummer 1 Ohmstraat in de buurt van nummer 172 Mariottestraat in de buurt van nummer 81 Ohmstraat in de buurt van nummer 43 Fahrenheitstraat in de buurt van nummer 51 Loosduinseweg in de buurt van nummer 925 Fahrenheitstraat in de buurt van nummer 9 Larensestraat in de buurt van nummer 1 Larensestraat in de buurt van nummer 3 SafetyThe municipality will do everything it to keep the area safe during the project. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous places. It is good to warn children and to keep them away from the work site.

In case of an emergency, service vehicles (ambulances, fire department and police) will always be able to cross the intersection.

ContactDo you have any questions? Send an email to Jessica de Vries, the municipality’s area manager:


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