At the veterinary clinic on the Gentsestraat in Scheveningen you will find the dog grooming salon of Pieternel Bollmann (31). Two and a half days a week she is here busy with the fur of her four-legged customers. She also makes podcasts and works as an actress in theater and for television. “When I work with dogs, I relax.”

Pieternel started her grooming salon in 1024. “Besides my work as an actress and theater director, I was looking for something artisanal that I could do with my hands. That’s why I started training as a dog groomer. In the theater you work with people and you are constantly thinking. This is not necessary in the grooming salon. A grooming is an exciting experience for a dog, so it is important that you are very calm yourself. For me, therefore, working with dogs is a kind of working meditation.”

Pieternel Bollmann Photo: Yvette Dolleman

Dog Groomer

During her dog groomer training Pieternel did an internship for eighty days. At first that seemed like a lot to her, but now she understands that she needed that time. “You have so many different dogs. Every breed and coat needs a different treatment. It should not happen in your own salon that there is a dog on the table that makes you think: what should I do with this.”

“One of my nicest customers always comes up with something strange for her Shih tzu, like Johan Derksen’s haircut recently,” Pieternel continues. “Then I have to figure out how to cut that into the fur. Trimming is therefore creative work, but it can also be physically demanding. Many dog ​​groomers only keep the job for about seven years. Because I’m not in the salon full-time, I haven’t had any problems so far.”

A shih tzu with Johan Derksen’s haircut. Photo Johan Derksen: ANP Kippa


The other days of the week Pieternel is in the theater as an actress and director. She also occasionally plays a television role. “If a nice role comes along, I take it. I recently played in Good Times, Bad Times. However, television work remains uncertain and sometimes you have nothing for six months. In the theater you have more certainty. For example, I work a lot for theater company BonteHond in Almere. Nowadays I also make a podcast here.”

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Podcast Creator

BonteHond’s podcast was created during the corona pandemic. “When the theater was closed, we still wanted to do something for the youth,” says Pieternel. “This was such a success that we are now on the fourth season. In addition, with my friend I make the No dog in the podcast

about vegetarian and vegan food. He has been a vegetarian all his life and so have I for a few years now. We don’t want to be pedantic with our podcast, but we want to tell you about the possibilities of vegetarian and vegan food in a fun way.”


Ever since 2020 Pieternel works together with her boyfriend in the grooming salon. They have enough work. They haven’t taken on any new customers for almost a year, just to have time for all the regular customers. “When you start as an entrepreneur, you want to bring in customers and you tend to always say yes. Now I have learned to set my own limits. If I don’t click with a customer, I tell them to go to another groomer. As a result, I have built up a regular customer base with only really nice customers.”

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