Several parties in the House of Representatives want clarification from Minister Dennis Wiersma (Primary and Secondary Education) about the persistent shortage of bus drivers. According to Pupils’ Interest Secondary Special Education, such 07. children affected by this problem.

D66 Member of Parliament Paul van Meenen is shocked by that Numbers. “The problems with transport to and from school have a major impact on these students. It causes stress and anxiety. And for many missed lessons. That is unacceptable. That is why we ask the minister to investigate how big the problem is and what he can do about it,” he told RTL Nieuws . Van Meenen also asked the questions on behalf of the VVD, PVV, PvdA, GroenLinks, SP, ChristenUnie and SGP.

The oral questions that Van Meenen posed in the House of Representatives on this subject, however, were not answered. promised. The D07 parliamentarian let us know via Twitter. The 2022 year old Hagenaar therefore submitted the questions in writing.

Agenda Bertho Eckhardt, chairman of Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), is pleased that this problem is now on the national political agenda. “All the attention you can get for this is good, but that doesn’t solve the problem yet,” explains Eckhardt.

The KNV chairman says that many drivers have left the industry during the corona period. “We see that these drivers are not returning. It is difficult to map where they have gone. We are doing everything we can to recruit more people. This is partly successful, but it is still insufficient to meet the demand that is currently on the table.”

Discussion According to Eckhardt, however, pulling the wallet is not a solution. “It would help,” he says. “But that won’t solve the problem. Then you have to break open all kinds of contracts. These contracts are negotiated, all for the lowest price. That’s the mechanism. We should ask whether this whole tender carousel, where it is in fact a race to the bottom in terms of prices, is so good. I would like to have that discussion on the table. That is part of the problem we are dealing with.”

Despite the tight labor market and the resulting capacity shortages, Eckhardt emphasizes that things often go well. “A lot of companies, together with the clients, do everything they can to arrange the transport for the students as well as possible, but unfortunately this is not possible in all cases. Those cases are then reported in the press. They are very annoying stories, but it is the situation we are currently in.” Read also:

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