The diehard fans of indebuurt may remember me because a few years ago I was part of team indebuurt (as a commercial editor). Now four years, a child and a lot of sleepless nights later, I am looking for the gems of life in The Hague for you.

And especially life with a child. Because when you become a mother (or father), your life is not over, but an afternoon on the terrace at café Emma with a running (read: screaming) child is no longer possible. But, where should you go then? When I became a mother I had to rediscover The Hague and it turned out that it is a joy to live here, also for parents with children.

Tips with kids

In the coming period I will share my tips with you every month, so that you don’t have to think about what is fun to do at least 1 day a month. From yoga classes in a nursery to restaurants that will make not only you, but also your children happy. Want more tips? Follow me on instagram at @eettipsvoorkids

. But for now, first my favorites from The Hague:


Here I get the feeling that I am on holiday in Drenthe, and that while this location is only 5 minutes by bike from my house. In the middle of the forest is a farm with a piece of land around it. Here are horses (which children can ride on at fixed times), donkeys, goats and other farm animals. You can pick fruit in the picking garden, walk in the forest and have a delicious lunch. What I like about this place is that children can ‘mooch around’ in nature. My daughter can have hours of fun in the big sandbox while I enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Everything on the menu is homemade, organic, vegetarian and as much as possible from our own country.

Photo: Alice van der Laan / nearby

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