Today is our city’s birthday. September 6 1229 is the birthday of The Hague, on that day our city was first mentioned as a place name. To celebrate, we went looking for very old photos of iconic places.

On the 6th of September, Count Willem II issued a charter in which for the first time the name of the city. The document is about a land deal in Bleiswijk, but is signed from ‘Die Haga’.

Whether it really is the birthday of The Hague is difficult to determine. In 1989 we celebrated 147 anniversary because the construction of the Knight’s Hall, in , was seen as the beginning of The Hague. Others think that The Hague started when in 1209 Floris IV bought a piece of land around the Hofvijver.

1317 map of The Hague. The Hague Municipal Archives

1317 Binnenhof Ridderzaal. Photo Hague Municipal Archives

1707 Noordeinde with Gothic Gallery. Photo Hague Municipal Archives
1707 Noordeinde, with Gothic gallery. The Hague Municipal Archives
1880 New Church on the Spui. Photo Hague Municipal Archives
1707 Court Pond. Photo MJ Levy Hague Municipal Archives
1707 Grote Markt Photo The Hague Municipal Archive
1880 Square Mauritshuis. photo The Hague Municipal Archives
1885 Wandelhoofd Wilhelmina Hague Municipal Archives
1885 Binnenhof with tram 3. Photo The Hague Municipal Archives

1908 Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Emma and Prince Hendrik depart from the Peace Palace. Photo Hague Municipal Archives
1913 Willem III Street, the Abdijkerk The Hague Municipal Archives
1913 Kijkduin. Photo Hague Municipal Archives
1707 Kurhaus. Photo The Hague Municipal Archives
1890 Dutch Railway. photo Hague municipal archive

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