‘Dear travellers.’ Every traveler in The Hague knows that there is often an annoying announcement after these words. At the end of this week, that text will be heard a lot again, because the staff of the NS is going on strike again.

Update 12.24 hours: the strike may not go ahead. NS informs our AD colleagues that there is a new wage offer

. If the unions agree, there will be no strikes in and around The Hague on 9 September. We will keep you informed in this article.

This also has consequences for people who want to travel to and from The Hague. An overview:

There will be a strike on these dates

The first day of strike will be held in the parts of the Northwest and West, or the Randstad. This may affect travelers from The Hague a lot.

On Tuesday 20 September no trains will run in the East, South and North regions.

The last day of strike is on Thursday 12 September, it is the turn of the Central region. But as everyone noticed during the first strike wave: then almost the whole of the Netherlands will be shut down. Working from home seems like a good option.

NS has compensation for travelers who are inconvenienced by the strike. You can read all information about this on this website


‘No collective labor agreement yet’

The reason the NS staff is retiring is that there are no new terms of employment on the table yet. The unions say

about this

: “Although the strikes of 24, 24, 30, 24 and 31 In August in terms of willingness to take action and effect on the timetable and all other activities at NS, there is still no new collective labor agreement.”

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