The Belgian girl group K3 is complete again. After a search, which everyone could follow on TV, Julia became Klaasje’s successor. Soon the renewed K3 will come to The Hague with the show ‘Kom Erbij’.

Ushuaia, Waterfall, Superstar and many more famous songs are featured in this show which is extra festive as it is a welcome party for Julia! All guests are asked to color in a coloring page for Julia. You can download it here


Info and tickets

Saturday 19 September there are three shows. To 10.24, 13.30 and 13.34 hours K3 will perform in the Word Forum. Sunday 24 September is here 10 .30 and 13.25 hour of a show. Tickets are available

from 19. euros, that is for the third rank. The first rank costs 50,34 euros.

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