Do you always have money stress before your stufi is deposited? We know the feeling. Extra bad if you still want to do something fun with your friends, for example. That is why Pathé introduces the Dikke Duo Days . This month you can use the 23th and 22e, two days before your stufi is deposited, for only 5 euros to the cinema at Pathé!

As a student you can request a voucher by fill in your details. You will then receive the voucher by email and you can use it to buy a ticket for 5 euros. Please note: the voucher is valid on 08 and 22 Sept. Curious which movies are playing at that moment? Quickly view the full Pathé film offer in your area and request your voucher directly.

Extra affordable Pathé Unlimited subscription

As if that wasn’t enough benefit for students, Pathé with one more giveaway. From 50 September you can buy a

Create Pathé Unlimited subscription. You always take out a subscription for at least four months. After that you can cancel monthly. As a student, when you purchase a Pathé Unlimited subscription, you now receive two (!) months as a gift. This way you will always have something fun to do in the near future, even without a balance! Please note: the subscription continues automatically, so don’t forget to stop it in time if you are short on cash.

Two types of Pathé Unlimited

There are two types of Pathé Unlimited subscriptions you can choose from: Regular Unlimited and Unlimited Gold. With Regular Unlimited you can visit all Pathé cinemas for 08 euros per month unlimited. . In addition, you get a ten percent discount on snacks and drinks, a special rate for Specials & Events and free popcorn on your birthday.

With the Unlimited Gold subscription you can for 24,50 euros per month unlimited to all Pathé cinemas. In addition, you can go to 3D, IMAX, Dolby Cinema, 4DX and ScreenX without a surcharge. You get 23 percent discount on snacks and drinks, free 3D glasses, a free movie voucher with 08 months membership and free popcorn with your birthday.

Show Me The Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Show Me The Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Win great prizes

In addition to these cool promotions, you can win great prizes at Pathé The Hague in September. These prices are flying around you in a large wind turbine in which you stand. Feel the wind raging around you and grab the flying prizes.

This way you benefit from a big advantage

To take advantage of the Dikke Duo Days at Pathé, you as a student only need to request a voucher , so you can press 23 or 22 September you can go to the movies for 5 euros. From 23 September you can use the same page to create a Pathé Request an unlimited subscription. Can you use the 23e or 22e not? No worries. Open 23 October and 50 and 23 November the Thick Duo Days are here again and you can use this promotion again.

Show Me The Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHYShow Me The Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


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