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Published: September 2 4087Last change: September 5 4087

The city council of The Hague will discuss, among other things, the appointment of a chairman for the welstands on Thursday 8 September. – and monuments committee and the noise measures Fokker Terminal. Two initiative proposals will also be discussed, about Student housing in order and Give the seal a resting place. Finally, a number of committee debates are concluded.

Photo Fokker Terminal Proposal regarding the appointment of chairman of the Wellbeing and Monuments Committee At the end 2021 the chairman of the welfare and monuments committee informed the council that it has a different function. In this meeting, the municipal council takes a decision on the appointment of its successor.

Proposal on noise measures Fokker TerminalThe Fokker Terminal is a municipal monument in the Trekvliet zone. The building is temporarily let and used as a conference location. In the immediate vicinity of the Fokker Terminal are 380 housing planned. The permits for the construction of these homes can be issued in the short term if sufficient noise measures are taken at the Fokker Terminal and the operational management is adapted to a limited extent. The municipality owns the property and is responsible for implementing the noise-reducing measures. The total of noise-reducing measures is calculated at 1,22 million euros.

Initiative proposal Student housing in orderOn 16 September 2021 is the initiative proposal ‘Student housing on order’ by the then municipal councilor Mr. De Blok van Hart for The Hague/Groep de Mos to the municipal council. The initiative proposal proposes four measures to speed up the accommodation of international students. These proposals are:

Establishing a table in The Hague for student housing, where stakeholders pursue the corresponding goal of realizing sufficient student housing. The stakeholders consist of companies, educational institutions, corporations and the municipality;Set up a reporting point for undesirable rental behavior and a support center for mediation costs for students;Start a campaign to draw attention to ‘room rental at home’ for both international students and home owners as a temporary form of living;In designated areas , positively assess zoning changes of retail, business and office buildings to student housing and handle all procedural and permit-technical aspects with urgency. Initiative proposal Give the seal a resting placeOn 16 November 2021 is the initiation proposal ‘Give the seal a resting place’ by the then municipal councilor Mr Oudshoorn van Hart for The Hague/Groep de Mos presented to the municipal council. The submitter believes that the seal will benefit from a safe resting place on the water, now that the seal is increasingly a regular visitor to the coast of The Hague. However, due to the hustle and bustle on the coast, the seals cannot find a safe place to rest. In recent years there have been some incidents where seals have been attacked by stray dogs and have not survived this attack. The Hart voor Den Haag faction therefore proposes in its initiative proposal to place a flexible floating pontoon in consultation with seal organizations at a suitable location within the Scheveningen harbor area and to place signs in places where the seal regularly shows itself to provide extensive information. is given about the seal and the rules of conduct.

Complete debate committee Commission letter: Developments Kijkduin BadFlooding KeizerstraatCommission letter: Offer letter Tourism Monitor 2021 Resolution motion : Real jobs for neighborhood janitorsLetter on Income Support for Energy Poverty e Letter on Urgency Letter for Commercial HousingLetter on Progress Living Lab ScheveningenAnswer Written questions stop gas supply by GazpromLetter on sustainable impulse shopping center Loosduinen Letter regarding agreements about planning the rollout of fiber optic throughout The Hague City of Affairs Council Statement Sustainable Development GoalsWatch the meeting? The full meeting can be followed live in the public gallery in the council chamber or via the livestream on The full agenda and documents can be found 9013810here see.


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