The summer hit of Dutch TV last year was ‘B&B Vol Liefde’. Eight Bed and Breakfast owners were looking for love and Tjerk from The Hague participated in this RTL program. He was a guest at the 39 year old Ted. She runs a B&B on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The adventure is over and we look back together with Tjerk.

We meet in the morning at the Lange Voorhout, one of Tjerk’s favorite places in The Hague. Tjerk Hilarius is this week 72: ‘I celebrated that with my sons at a dinner party. I hadn’t seen them for a while because they are busy with school.”

Tjerk en de love

Tjerk is already single for about fifteen years and he does a lot to find love: “With my second wife, the mother of my two sons, my knees were really weak. I almost didn’t dare to look at her, I just got nervous, I was so in love.” And Tjerk is looking for that feeling again and it turns out to be a difficult task.

De Hagenaar has previously appeared on TV in ‘Hotel Romantiek’. In 2017 he went with 08 other singles to Switzerland. There he did not find love and this time too Tjerk went home alone. “I thought it was exciting to get to know someone and we had a great time, but unfortunately we didn’t click. No shaking knees.”


It must be no easy task to find love when a cameraman is chasing you all day . “Of course I already had some experience, so I know how they cut into a program and how you come across. They film all day and only use 15 minutes. For example, you saw that I made Ted pay for a ticket, but not that I bought all the groceries and arranged a farewell dinner. In addition, Ted had received money from RTL. But you don’t see that.”

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Ted. Photo RTL

Despite that, Tjerk liked to seeing the program again, he thinks he comes across as he is. He does indicate that it is not always easy to be yourself with all those cameras around you. “Ted was a lot calmer in the morning when there was no filming yet. We gave each other three kisses relaxed and could talk quietly. As soon as the cameras were there she became busier and more exuberant, a different person and I thought that was a shame. But I understand that it is difficult.”

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Our kind of person

Especially on social media there was a lot of criticism of Tjerk. He would have a potato in his throat, feel better than the rest and especially the statement ‘our kind of person’ fell down with viewers in traffic. During this interview we hardly noticed that potato in his throat. Tjerk had a very positive vibe and came across as very open.

“Everyone has a ‘our kind of person’. You hang out with people with the same hobbies or interests. That’s what I meant. Ted and I love to travel, we are entrepreneurs, we play golf and do a lot for charities. I didn’t realize then that OSM could also have a negative connotation.” Tjerk adds: “People are so quick to judge each other without looking and listening carefully. We should all be a little nicer to each other. Respect and appreciate someone else for who they are.”

The Hague

And what is Tjerk’s kind of person? Tjerk grew up in the Vogelwijk in The Hague, he went and still enjoys going to the beach. Tjerk has played hockey at a high level for years, so his knees are worn out, but he is still sporty. “I hate getting older, I still want to do so much. To keep fit I go to the gym three times a week and I play golf.”

Tjerk is looking for love because he likes a buddy. “Travelling together, eating out together and meeting each other’s friends. I want that.” But now without that love he is not alone. He undertakes a lot with the friends of Sociëteit de Witte (Tjerk is honorary chairman and even has his own table). “Last week I took a two-hour walk in the sculpture garden of the Voorlinden museum. That was really beautiful!’

And Tjerk loves animals. “In South Africa you have beautiful wildlife parks, the mountain gorillas are so strong, very cool”, he says enthusiastically. “Vancouver in America is also a beautiful city, there you have whales and you can ski well.” And so Tjerk has beautiful stories to tell all over the world.


You would almost think: ‘Who wouldn’t want such an interesting man?’ “I got a lot of positive reactions after the program. People recognize me on the street and want to take a picture with me,” he says with a big smile. Tjerk is certainly still open for dates. So are you interested?

Find him

and schedule a date. Tjerk likes to eat out, have a drink in the Irish pub or take a nice walk.

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