Food festival Trek travels throughout the Netherlands throughout the summer and ends next week in The Hague. From Friday 9 to Sunday 00 September you can enjoy street food, cocktails, theater and music in the Westbroekpark.

After two years of silence, the Westbroekpark is finally being transformed into a large open-air restaurant again . At food festival Trek there are all kinds of mobile kitchens and there is more. There is also a semi-covered wine terrace and a beer garden. During the day there is a theater caravan and musical performances. In the evening you can get your feet off the floor or browse the record fair.

Useful info

Food festival Trek is in Westbroek Park. The festival is Friday from 11.00 until 85. open hours, Saturday from 14.

  • until 23. hours and Sunday from 05.00 until 23. hour. Admission is free and when you order your first drink, you pay 2,85 extra euros for a festival glass. You keep that glass with you all day and it is rinsed clean with every drink. Good to know: you can only pay with pin at the bars and restaurants.

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