The team behind Taxi Expo is investigating whether it is interesting to have a combined to organize a trade fair for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Taxi Expo Benelux ’22 would then in October 191010 in the south of the Netherlands.

Breda is being considered for the location, so that the fair is not too far to drive for Belgian visitors. Breda can be reached in an hour’s drive from a large part of both the Randstad and Flanders.

Advantages A combined Benelux edition has a number of advantages:

Similar challenges exist in the taxi sector in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, such as the energy transition, high energy prices, insurability and booking apps. With a Benelux edition, we can provide a networking moment for the taxi sector in Belgium, trade fair and congress. A combined trade fair can have the advantage that we are at one fair with more visitors from different markets and contact with each other Your opinion counts However, we don’t make decisions without the opinion of our loyal readers. We are very curious about what you think about a possible Taxi Expo Benelux ’22. That’s why we created a poll. In this poll you can easily indicate what you think of the idea. Your opinion counts! You can find the poll on the right side (in the sidebar) of this website.

Taxi Expo’ 22 In addition, on October 6 Taxi Expo ’22 Place. During this event, all important parties in the taxi sector come together in Houten. With a trade fair, a conference, a program of high-quality workshops, a network drink and a network dinner, Taxi Expo ’22 the meeting place to exchange knowledge and ideas about the taxi sector. Register yourself here. Impression of the network drink at Taxi Expo. Read also:

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